When should I see an eye doctor?

From children who do not realize they are seeing the world differently than everyone else, to adults who are becoming more susceptible to age-related eye problems, it is vital to have regular eye exams at every stage of life. Involve both your optometrist and your ophthalmologist in your eye care.

If you are experiencing eye pain, sudden vision loss, floaters, frequent headaches, nausea, or if you see halos around lights, contact your eye doctor immediately.

What can I do to prevent eye-related diseases and maintain clear vision?

If you are worried about a specific eye disease or issue, talk with your optometrist or ophthalmologist. Symptoms of some eye diseases, such as glaucoma, may develop gradually so regular eye exams are important to monitor the health of your eyes, particularly if you have a family history of a particular eye disease.

Treat your eyes right: protect them from UV rays, keep them clean, follow proper contact and glasses-wearing tips, and use safety glasses whenever there is airborne debris.

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David M. Harman, M.D. is the founder of Harman Eye Center and Medical Director of Harman Eye Surgery Center.

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