How can I tell if I have cataracts?

Cataracts are the leading cause of poor vision in adults. Often associated with age, a cataract is a cloudiness in the eye’s natural lens. Symptoms of cataracts may develop gradually so it is important to schedule an eye exam as soon as you detect any changes to your vision. Be sure to notify both your optometrist and ophthalmologist so they can work together on a full-circle solution.

What are my treatment options for cataracts?

In order to see clearly again, the cataract or foggy lens needs to be removed and replaced with a new, artificial lens. If both eyes are affected by cataracts, you will need to schedule two separate procedures with your surgeon.

At Harman Eye Center, we offer traditional cataract surgery with a standard lens implant. Patients may also choose laser cataract surgery which can help make the procedure more precise and more predictable. Premium lens options are also available which may reduce dependency on glasses or contact lenses after surgery. Ask your ophthalmologist about options that are customized for your lifestyle needs.

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  • “On the day of his surgery, my husband was in by 10am, out by noon and we were happily on our way home.”

    - Corene about her husband Tom, Cataract surgery patient